Eugene (guitar & vocals), Hank (drums) & Cletus (bass & vocals)




After plans were made for a longer time to form a rock'n'roll band Hank, Cletus & Eugene met on the 6th November 2008 in the rehearsal room for the very first time to create precedents: a name was manifested, some riffs were played and lyrics written - a band and the first song was born...


Only a month later (on the 12th December 2008) the first demo EP "Start The Engine" was recorded. Besides a cover version of Suspekt's "Never Falling" there were the first three own songs presented on this release.


Before storming the stages of this continent there was another mission to complete: recording the first full-length album "The Battle Of The Sinner And The Saint" to have a complete reportoire of own songs and an album to sell right at the first show.

This piece of art will be released very soon and also the first live appearances will be announced right here in the near future.